Exceptional Due Diligence…


Exceptional Due Diligence:

Lexstar prides itself on continual due diligence that is undertaken when reviewing hundreds of oil and gas prospects a year. Our factoring process involves the outsourcing of contracted 3rd party Certified Petroleum Engineers and Certified Petroleum Geophysicists that have a helping hand in potential oil and gas reservoirs. We also have a special criteria beforehand that is imperative to the growth of Lexstar and its prospective partners. Lexstar must first mitigate it’s risk as much as possible long before it brings aboard any potential partners. Our process allows the potential in selecting the best oil and gas prospect the Company and its business ventures. Trust, honesty, communication and most of all integrity must always be kept in the highest regard while maintaining our business.

  • Multi-Stacked Pay Zones
    Some wells only possess a single productive hydrocarbon-bearing zone. Others have up to ten zones with production capabilities. Our locations need multiple zones with a history of gas/oil production.
  • In-Field Drilling
    When gas or oil is discovered, the Railroad Commission of Texas establishes a ‘field’ that possesses known parameters. Our locations need to be in those fields.
  • Estimated Ultimate Recovery
    ‘Estimated ultimate recovery’ refers to the quantity of gas or oil that a well is capable of producing throughout the course of its lifespan. Our locations require high potential estimated ultimate recoveries.
  • Advanced Imaging Technology
    Previously, less advanced technology was used for imaging carbonates or hydrocarbon-bearing sands inside of a well bore. This proved to be inefficient, as it tended to image the largest zones but missed numerous large virgin reservoirs that were highly productive. Therefore, we try to utilize the most advanced technology that is currently available in order to log out wells.
  • Sub-Surface Mapped Support
    A lot of productive horizons can “fault out” or “pinch out”, even when offset production surrounds them. However numerous zones are contiguous and are easily geologically mapped. It is necessary for our locations to demonstrate sub-surface mapped support.
  • Low Development and Finding Costs
    Wells can sometimes cost in excess of ten million dollars to drill plus another ten million dollars plus worth of seismic costs and over ten million dollars of infrastructure costs. We look for locations that fulfill Lexstars’ criteria, therefore requiring less cost in order to achieve success.
  • Multi-Well Drilling Locations
    Our criteria for successful projects exclude prospects that only have the potential for a single well. We look for areas that have the potential for six or more locations to drill.
  • Conventional Reservoir Drilling
    Drilling horizontal laterals & Vertical wells as well as performing multi-staged fracking is sometimes highly effective. We believe this method is essential for our locations to be drilled and developed as such to increase economics.

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