12 Years on From 9/11: America Remembers its Worst Tragedy in Recent Years

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The 9/11 Memorial is a way to remember and to get involved.

12 Years on From 9/11: America Remembers its Worst Tragedy in Recent Years

Twelve years ago this week, two commercial aircrafts were flown into the twin towers, claiming the lives of almost three thousand people.

The events of that day shook the world and changed the course of global politics. The recent anniversary of the attack was marked by moments of silence and a somber mood across the nation.

The Aftermath

In addition to leaving thousands of Americans dead, the crashing of the two planes on September 11th sparked a series of events that contributed to the instability of the Middle East.

America could no longer ignore the presence of nations with Islamic extremist regimes within the region and took steps to oust their governments.

This drove up the cost of oil significantly.

Effect of Oil and Gas Investment

The recent U.S. oil boom has helped to reduce the effects of events such as 9/11 by making America less dependent upon imports from unstable parts of the world.

Oil investments in homegrown companies are taking the nation further towards energy independence.

By choosing to invest in oil and gas, Americans are ensuring that future crises of this nature will not significantly affect the price of these commodities. Oil and gas investments are transforming America into a nation that does not rely upon others for its energy needs.

Never Again

Clearly the financial cost of 9/11 cannot compare to the tragic loss of human life.

The oil boom will reduce the negative impact that catastrophes of this nature have upon the U.S. throughout the years to come but can do nothing to prevent the death and destruction.

Hopefully there will never be another terrorist attack of this scale and 9/11 will go down in history as a terrible one-off event.

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