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Lexstar Eneregy - Investing in America's Oil and Gas Energy Independence

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Lexstar Energy Announces New Oil and Gas Investment Now Available to Accredited Investors

FRISCO, Texas, Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Lexstar Energy announces the Woodbine Ridge Joint Venture in East Teas. Lexstar Energy has partnered with Bandera, Inc. to refurbish and re-complete five (5) existing wells and to drill one (1) new well to create this oil and gas investment opportunity.The $1,800,000 venture features 20 units of joint venture interest at $90,000 per unit and a minimum purchase of $22,500 for 1/4 unit. Conservative estimates (250 barrels per day at $90 per barrel) could provide $5,063 in monthly revenue per unit allowing investors to recoup the initial investment in less than 18 months. After applying the First Year After-Tax Annual Rate of Return, return would be 102.74% in 12 months.Investments in the Woodbine Ridge Joint Venture could potentially be tax deductible depending on each investors tax situation.  Deductions come from tangible and intangible drilling costs. Intangible costs include labor, chemicals, etc. Approximately 60-80% of intangible costs come in the first year. Tangible costs include equipment and are depreciated over a seven-year period. Read More…


Lexstar Energy Correctly Predicts Rising Oil Prices

(Press Release) – September 2013 – Lexstar Energy Correctly Predicts Rising Oil Prices
Oil prices have been on the rise the last few weeks.

Unrest in the Middle East has been one of the main factors in the price of crude oil.

On August 20th, Lexstar Energy noted that The US State Department had issued a travel alert to travelers in the Middle East and North Africa.

By looking at the history of unrest in the Middle East, Lexstar determined that oil prices were likely to increase as a result.

That prediction turned out to be correct. Read More…

Lexstar Eneregy - Investing in America's Oil and Gas Energy Independence

Lexstar Energy Launches a New Website to Accompany New Brand Strategy

(Press Release) – May 2013 – Lexstar Energy, formerly Alexander Capital, has launched a new website to accompany a new brand strategy

The new website is News feeds and current activities will be visible to website visitors. The website will provide access to information about Lexstar and the energy industry. Visitors also have the option to signup for weekly newsletters that will provide even more information on the oil and gas industry.

“We’re excited about the new website and new brand,” states Jeremy Paul, President of Lexstar Energy. “The new site, along with the new brand focus, puts Lexstar and its partners in a great position as the US becomes a top energy producer once again.” Read More…

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